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If you are meaningfully contributing to a discussion, your comment will be approved, whether or not I agree with your opinion or your information.

If you are openly discriminating, objectifying,  diminishing, or spewing hate towards an individual or group, your comment will be trashed.

If you are consistently alienating, disrespecting, or disregarding the opinions of other participants in a discussion, you will lose commenting privileges.  This is meant to be a space for productive and respectful discussion.  Please keep your frustration under control as much as possible.

Finally, I will respond only to comments or questions directly addressed to me.  Otherwise, I will leave it to my readers to hold conversations and defend their positions.  I can’t afford the burnout from continued debates.  If you wish to communicate with me directly about why your comment was not approved, or for any other reason, I accept and appreciate emails to

I also appreciate feedback or suggestions about the blog in general, but not on individual posts.  Please comment on my contact page or email me directly.

Thank you for reading and participating in Queer Guess Code discussions!

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