What You Didn’t Read in 2013: Flashback and Feedback


Hey everybody! It’s that time of year again. The annual Flashback and Feedback of the QueerGuessCode world. For those of you keeping track, you’re right. I haven’t been around a lot lately. But earlier in 2013 I wrote a knockout set of posts and I’m here to tell you which ones you may have missed! Here are the Top 5 Least Appreciated But Secretly Awesome QueerGuessCode Posts of 2013.

  1. How Movies Teach Manhood (and other stuff about girls) This post is close to my heart, includes an awesome TED talk, and won’t take more than a minute to peruse. You should definitely check it out if you are at all interested in film and how media affects our lives.
  2. Fighting Over Marriage: Who Really Wants It Anyway? This post is hilarious, includes several comic YouTube videos, and follows an online argument between gay men, straight men, straight women, and gay women about who wants to get married, who doesn’t, and why! Ridiculous. Definitely check this out if you like laughing and groaning at terrible stereotypes and completely pointless arguments.
  3. Totally Gay and Stereotypically Single This post discusses the lack of stereotypes about gay couples, why that is, and what it might mean for the future of LGBT relationships.
  4. From Star Wars to Stargate: Female Role Models in Science Fiction? As the title suggests, this post is about my science fiction obsession and why girls should have awesome role models that aren’t just “the woman” in the group.
  5. What Do Oscar Winning Films Have in Common? This is the post where I did a little research on a decade of Oscar winning films for Best Picture and analyzed the trends in women’s representation. What I found may shock you!

And of course, the feedback part. If anybody has any reactions to this year’s posts, suggestions for the future of the blog, or ideas about new posts, this is a wonderful chance to let me know in the comments!

I know it’s nearly March, but… Happy New Year! 🙂 Make it a good one.

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