The Elusive and Invisible Gender Spectrum

So Hank Green and I and many gender bloggers keep talking about this infinite spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations that defies all labels. People can fall anywhere between straight and gay or straight and bisexual or gay and bisexual and not identify as any of them completely. The same is true of gender. Some people can identify with neither man nor woman. It’s easy to say this, of course. We’ve got our graphs and our diagrams and our scientific theories, but it’s difficult to believe it when most people you talk to have probably picked a label.

Who knows? Maybe they are settling for something that is not completely who they are. Maybe they really are just a heterosexual woman or a bisexual man. But it is good to hear people who fall somewhere in between talk about their gender identities, if only so that we know they exist.

As written by The Sociological Cinema:

What better way to learn about the multiplicity of genders than to talk openly about gender identities and expressions, especially those which appear to challenge the prevailing myth of a tidy binary?

These eighteen trans activists in Turkey are answering the question “how do you define your gender identity?” Take a look at what they have to say:


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