Gay Wedding, Same Outfit…Cute or Weird?

I’m torn on this front. Gay and lesbian couples getting married have such freedom when it comes to what they wear (since there is no unspoken rule on this topic), so I always expect to see creativity and shining identity. In my opinion, this photo just screams identical twins, but it was  pointed out to me that if they were both wearing identical black tuxes, it would probably seem less weird.  This is true, and I would hate to enforce a double standard. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Read about how gender roles influence variety in formal wear or lack thereof.



One response to “Gay Wedding, Same Outfit…Cute or Weird?

  1. I totally think it depends on the couple! Our friends both got married in their own style of white dresses, but did nearly mirror each other. For them, it worked. For us, though, it never would! We have distict fashion differences so we are embracing them for the wedding. I will be in a Pirate Queen-inspired dress and she will look like a pimped out Nerd Boy 🙂

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